MediaTek Helio X20 allegedly plagued by overheating issues


GSMArena News
Remember the Snapdragon 810? If you do, chances are that you associate it with the infamous overheating issues. That reputation has plagued the chip almost constantly throughout its lifecycle and it was the major reason behind Samsung's decision to skip using the SoC on its Galaxy S6 line. Now, in an unfortunate twist of faith, industry sources have begun accusing the upcoming MediaTek Helio X20 of the same kind of thermomanagement issues. Naturally this is yet to be confirmed by any official source, so don't take this too seriously. That being said, the report claims that the issues with the Helio X20 is present and was enough to deter Xiaomi, HTC and Lenovo and make them cancel their Helio X20 smartphones. If you don't remember the Helio X20 and what is so special about it, it is officially the first 10-core mobile SoC. It uses an innovative tri-cluster design, which is a first in the smartphone realm as well. For MediaTek's sake, we sincerely hope the rumors get debunked and soon, before we have a repeat of the unfortunate Snapdragon 810. Source (In Chinese) |...