'MLB 9 Innings 2017' Preregistration Contest Has You Picking Opening Day Winners for...


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iPhone Gaming
Com2us is coming back with a brand new game in the MLB 9 Innings franchise, and with the 2017 season starting on April 2nd, well, it's about time for MLB 9 Innings 2017. Headlined by baseball's greatest player and
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, Mike Trout (as a Rangers fan, that pains me to say), preregistration is now open. But this isn't just your normal pregristration campaign, no. If you want the sweet, sweet, player card packs, you're gonna have to earn them.
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, there's an interesting contest going on. You have to pick the winners of each opening day game, and based on how many winners you pick, that determines how many player packs you get. Get all 15 right, and you get a Diamond Player Pack as well as a Grade Increase Ticket. Here are my picks, which are sure to go 15-0:

  • Yankees over Rays
  • Giants over Diamondbacks
  • Cubs over Cardinals
  • Nationals over Marlins
  • Mets over Braves
  • Red Sox over Pirates
  • Brewers over Rockies
  • Orioles over Blue Jays
  • Tigers over White Sox
  • Twins over Royals
  • Reds over Phillies
  • Dodgers over Padres
  • Rangers over Cleveland, in the start of a 162-win season
  • Astros over Mariners
  • A's over Angels

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It's crazy to think how far the series has come along since the days of 2D baseball games in the early days of the App Store. While the game is definitely built around more of an 'Ultimate Team'-style experience rather than being a pure baseball simulation, the kids ain't buying pure baseball simulations any more. It's free-to-play team builders, RBI Baseball revivals, or advanced MLB simulations, there is no in-between.

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