New fighter F.A.N.G rounds out the Street Fighter V roster


Hi Street Fighter fans, Matt Edwards here from Capcom UK. This weekend marks the end of the 2015 Capcom Pro Tour at the PlayStation Experience in San Francisco, and what better way to bid farewell to one of the most memorable years in fighting game history than with a ton of new information about Street Fighter V.

Top of the list is F.A.N.G, a brand new fighter that rounds the starting roster to 16 characters in total. F.A.N.G is an assassin who works for the sinister Shadaloo organisation. He fights with an unorthodox style that focuses on poisoned attacks, and in terms of rank, he’s second only to the head honcho himself, M. Bison.

When you hear the words “poison” and “Street Fighter” in the same sentence, your mind might be drawn to pink hair and denim hot pants. But in the world of Street Fighter V, poison is how F.A.N.G distinguishes himself from the other combatants.

Landing one of F.A.N.G’s special attacks will leave the opponent poisoned. This causes a steady build-up of recoverable damage until the opponent lands a hit or the poison runs its course. This makes F.A.N.G a tricky character to fight against. When his poison starts eating away at your health you have to take more risks to counter it.

Adding to his venomous versatility, F.A.N.G has a wide range of double-hitting normal attacks. These are useful for keeping the opponent at a distance, and even if the likes of Necalli or Zangief manage to close the gap and breach F.A.N.G’s comfort zone, he can use his Ryobenda side-step to slip past the opponent and build space.

If that’s not enough to convince you that F.A.N.G is as deadly as a pit viper, then how about his V-Skill and V-Trigger? The former is called the Nishodoku. It’s a slow-moving projectile that cannot be blocked and instantly poisons the opponent on hit.

Suffice to say, F.A.N.G has a lot of ways to poison the opponent. He can lay traps on the floor, lash out with his toxic fingers and unleash poisoned projectiles. His Dokunomu V-Trigger, on the other hand, turns his poison into the ultimate defence. It emits a noxious cloud that surrounds F.A.N.G for a temporary period of time. If the opponent touches these deadly fumes, they have to deal with the poison status once again.

Is there a way to fight against F.A.N.G without turning a sickly shade of purple? Against a skilled opponent, probably not, but all we know for sure is that this Chinese assassin has plenty of bite.

We have also revealed today the full roster for the extra 2016 characters! They are – Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Juri and Urien! All of these characters will be earnable through gameplay for free but for those who can’t wait they will also be available for instant purchase.

The final piece of information for the fans is about the Street Fighter V Deluxe Edition. Players who just can’t wait to get hold of all the additional content can pre-order the Deluxe Edition starting today.

This contains the main game and the content from the recently announced 2016 Season Pass (all six bonus characters, a premium costume for each and exclusive PS4 theme)! From now until launch this edition is available at a special 10% discounted rate of £71.99/€89.99. After that time, it will increase to £79.99/€99.99.

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