New Microsoft Translator update is aimed at making conversations more comfortable


GSMArena News
Microsoft has released an update to its Translator app that brings along a new conversation feature which allows you to communicate across languages more comfortably by leveraging your phone as well as smartwatch. This means that now you can enjoy a near-real-time conversation by letting the other party use your smartphone while you use your smartwatch, be it an Android Wear watch or an Apple Watch. "Instead of two people having to bend over your phone, passing it back and forth, being far from the microphone (and picking up background noise), or being at an uncomfortably close distance with each other, you can now face each other more naturally and at a more comfortable distance, while talking to each other in your own language," the software giant said in a blog post. The new feature supports translation to and from seven different languages, including Chinese Mandarin, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Source ...