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OMNICONNECT® is the Windows-based PC software that offers an enhanced level of configurability with the OMNI 4000 and 7000 flow computers. Developed on a real-time operating system, OMNICONNECT is robust and can keep up with the demands of advanced data management. OMNICONNECT is highly responsive and completes data transfers on networks, or directly, with rapidity. OMNICONNECT allows users to perform multiple tasks on the OMNI 4000/7000. It simplifies both offline and online flow computer configuration, and allows the user to test some operations, such as quality monitoring in gas systems, and batching, and proving in liquid systems. Port and user security settings can be imported and then exported into other OMNI flow computers when a duplicated security structure is desired.

OMNICONNECT® features an easy-to-use interface that offers more flexibility in customization and makes it simple to navigate between menus. Existing OMNI users, already familiar with OMNICOM, will recognize the similarity in look and feel. Therefore, minimal training to learn the extended capabilities of OMNICONNECT is required.
No other high-level programs are permitted to make changes or modifications to the OMNI firmware. This would contravene the requirements of WELMEC approvals.
A standard OMNICONNECT software license is included with each 4000/7000 OMNI flow computer. Use is subject to the terms outlined in the OMNI software license agreement.
Key Features
Integrated flow computer Modbus Database Browser
Supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Ethernet connections
USB, Serial, and Ethernet access to flow computer
Access to multiple flow computer sites
User-configurable custom data screens for real-time data display
Ribbon Bar with large icons for ease of use
Historical Record Browser for retrieving Batch, Daily, Prove, and Detailed Daily reports
Optional Quick Start dialog
Graphical User Interface to manage flow computer security
Update flow computer firmware over USB connection
GUI controls enabled/disabled by User Security Permissions when online
GUI for calibration of flow computer I/O
Configuration data validation with Tooltip integration for User notification
Online and offline configuration
Windows 11 support
What's New
official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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