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Orphan (2018) PC | GOG|Size:686.64 MB
Release Date : October 31, 2018
Genre : Adventure , Action , Platformer
Developer : Windy Hill
Publisher : 2Dimensions
Platform : PC
Publication Type : License {GOG}
Version :
Interface Language : English, MULTi
Medicine : Not {DRM-Free}

Orphan is a two-dimensional platformer, inspired by such classic projects as Another World, Blackthorne and Oddworld: Abe's Oddysey. The history of the game revolves around the boy, who, apparently, was the only one who managed to survive after a massive attack of aliens. Together with him you will go on a dangerous journey through the dense forests, villages, mountains and flowering valleys, constantly hiding behind rocks and trees from the army of machines pursuing you, designed to destroy all living things. However, the enemies have their drawbacks: a powerful weapon that is in their arsenal can be used against them.

Game features :
You have to solve puzzles, as well as hide and fight aliens.
You will wade through the countryside through open fields and dense forests, through dangerous mountains and through lush valleys, hiding behind stones and trees, while enemies will hunt you, destined to destroy all life on Earth.

Install the game, following the instructions of the installation program;

System Requirements:
OS : Windows XP / 7/10
Processor : 2.5 GHz
RAM : 2 GB of RAM
Video card : AMD 7760 or Equivalent
DirectX : Versions 9.0
Disk space : 1 GB


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