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Members Chosen, Who has done oustanding this week?

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Retired Sectional Moderator
Welcome one and all to the once a week "Outstanding Member" poll!
How this works is every week I will pick 5 people.
And those 5 people will be voted on as how outstanding they are.
Now if you don't post or do anything sorry this wont get your name out there.
I pick 5 great members who do a lot!
Like the following:
1. Being Nice
2. Posting Quality Content
3. Referring People
4. Helping The Community
5. Overall Commendation

If your one of the following you could be picked.
Your name will be on the "Outstanding Hall Of Fame" right below this!
So what are you waiting for start doing good for the good to come back!

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[Approval May Be Needed]

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