Over 100 More Holiday 2015 iOS Game Sales on the App Store You Need to Know About


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
I thought last week that all the games you needed to know were on sale were already on sale. In what is sure to please my critics, I thought wrong. More games went on sale over the weekend and on these days before the annual iTunes freeze, when developers can't make any modifications until December 29th. While we're hearing that charts may not freeze this year, it's still the holiday season, so app sales all around! Maybe the reasons to put games on sale isn't as solid as it was back in the days before free-to-play conquered all, but who's going to complain about getting the most bang for your iTunes gift card? As such, all these games should be on sale for the next week or so at the minimum. There's some great 2015 releases on the list, some App Store classics, some cool underrated indie games, and Blood Bowl. There's over a hundred games in this list, sorted alphabetically, so keep looking, and I'm sorry about your wallet:

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