Pandora's new Thumbprint Radio is based on all of your thumbs up


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Pandora has announced a new feature today. It's called Thumbprint Radio, and it's a new radio station that's based on all of your thumbs up - yes, all of them, even the ones from years ago. The company is calling this a "hyper-personalized station for each listener". Of course as you continue to thumbs up music on Pandora, this station will be updated and will keep evolving - it's not a static one-off thing. Pandora says its musicologists are ensuring that transitions between the different genres you've given thumbs up to in the past are as seamless as they can be. Your very own Thumbprint Radio station can easily be shared with friends, and that's probably something you'll want to do, since it should reflect your tastes pretty well. And once shared, the station will update dynamically for your friends when you thumbs up something new. So you don't need to keep resharing it with the same people. The feature will be made available to you if you have at least three stations with four thumbs on each. And obviously, the more you'll thumb up things, the better your station gets. Source |...

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