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PayDay 2: Game of the Year Edition [v 1.77.336] PC | RePack by Pioneer
Title: PayDay 2
Publication Type: Repack
Genre: Action
Developer: OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
Year: 2014
Platform: PC
Version: 1.77.336 (update 157.0)
Language of the interface and voice: Russian Text
Multiplayer: Present
Tablet: Present (choose when installing - SSE or Steamworks)

PAYDAY 2 - a cooperative shooter for four players, allowing everyone to re-enter the role of the heroes of the original PayDay - Dallas, Hoxton, Chanes and Wulf.
The new network Crimenet offers a large number of diverse cases - from relatively simple raids on shops and kidnapping of children, to the robbery of bank stores.
As the missions progress, a team of four players travels to more complex and profitable missions. Together with this, there are more opportunities for customization and crafting, which allows the group to use unique equipment.

The main thing in robbery is good accomplices. When the team gangsters of different specialties, everything will go like clockwork. But do not forget to look back often when it comes to sharing the booty!
A necessary help for every self-respecting thief is the CRIMENET network. Only here are all the best orders, the most fatty kushi, the necessary passwords and appearance. The more done the more available.
Going on business twice in one place is a bad idea. So, even if you decide to fulfill the order repeatedly, prepare to be on a completely new terrain, randomly created by the game.
As you progress along the career ladder of the thieves' world, you will be able to choose the specialty of a leader, an action movie, a ghost and a techie. Each features an extensive arsenal of useful skills and appropriate equipment. However, nothing prevents to compare everything and choose only the most necessary.
The louder your glory, the more skills, guns and gear you are entitled to. Do not forget to cover the face with a proprietary mask now you can customize its appearance by selecting the suitable of tens of thousands of possible options.
Do not be afraid to dirty your hands: when you go to work, grab the cannon from the sniper's rifle to the machine gun, from the pistol to the machine gun. Connoisseurs will be pleased with the variety of possibilities for upgrading optical sights, silencers, buttresses, aiming nets, trunks and cages. No offense and aesthetes. For example, a pistol with a nut handle is not it a miracle?
Make life easier with the help of various modifiers. To achieve success, all means are good, whether it is a fast car, on which you hide from the crime scene, the building plan or even your person inside.
A real star of the thieves' world should have a different style. What line of behavior will suit you for quiet neutralization or firing from all trunks? The methods are different, but the goal is to come, take, hide.
If someone is going to steal, someone will necessarily want to stop. Managed by artificial intelligence opponents are trained to adequately respond to your actions while you are in fact, be careful and do not relax for a second.
Many operations are divided into stages. You will have to make important decisions, the consequences of which will affect the plot of the game.
Successful business in itself is pleasant, and when triumph provides a worthy reward, life gains new colors. The best recognition of your professionalism will be a new excellent outfit, which you will receive upon the successful completion of the raid.

Features Repak:
- Do not cut / no recoded.
- The client corresponds to the latest version on 02.10.2017. (Including all DLC)
- Ability to play on the network.
- 2 languages to choose from
- Russian and English.
- 2 cracks to choose from:
= SmartSteamEmu LAN - for single and play over the local network.
= SteamFix - for the network game, you need Steam.
- Launch the shortcut on the desktop.
Change Nickname
- For LAN - File SmartSteamEmu.ini (in the folder with the game), line PlayerName =
- For Online (Steam) - It is taken from your profile in the incentive.

How to play online:
we go to the page PayDay 2 Demo (TYPK) to add the game to the list:
- On the right click to download DEMO VERSION.
- Click Next until the download starts.
- Below appears the message LOAD, click there, go to the download list and pause.
- after that you can delete the contents of PAYDAY2 DEMO

1.4) To play online - Download Steam,

Installation Instructions:
1. Run the Payday 2-setup.exe file
2. Select the installation version (For Online or Local Area Network)
3. Install The distribution of the game and all additional software.
4. Play.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP (SP3) / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or equivalent Intel i5 2400
HDD: 25 GB
Video card: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GT (512 MB) or ATI ™ Radeon ™ HD 4850

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