PC Program Rules/Guidelines


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Nov 4, 2015
Rules and Guidelines for PC Programs

First lets start with the rules.

1. Every program link must have a virus scan. https://virustotal.com

2. If your program isn't finished [like 20% done for example] don't post it. Betas are allowed.

3.Programs must have some sort of verification that it is working

4. Programs that you require a payment for cannot be posted unless authorized by a admin

5. All other site rules apply.

Now for the forbidden things.

1. Any IP dosing programs

2. Key loggers

3. Viruses hidden in your program.

4. Stealing other peoples content.

5. Flaming, bragging, advertising your program is not allowed.

More things could be added at a later point.

Stay safe and have fun!

~Shootaa + Console Bang Team
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