[Poll] Are you using navigation gestures on One UI (Android Pie)?


Feb 22, 2016
Samsung switched to software navigation keys with the Galaxy S8 and has launched every new device since then with software keys instead of the traditional hard home button and capacitive back and recents keys. Not everyone liked the change, but it’s a change that’s here to stay. However, Samsung did introduce a neat solution for those who weren’t happy with the software keys taking up the screen in the form of navigation gestures.

Navigation gestures were introduced in Android Oreo with some devices and it is a standard feature of Samsung’s One UI skin found in Android Pie. The gestures permanently hide the software keys and users can simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to perform the home, back, and recent apps actions. It’s an ingenious solution that allows you to use more of the screen for your apps, and Samsung also lets you quickly switch between gestures and standard navigation keys with a quick toggle.

And those navigation gestures are what our latest poll is about. Do you use navigation gestures since you updated to Android Pie on your Galaxy smartphone? If yes, do you use them all the time or do you switch to regular navigation keys from time to time? Let us know by voting in the poll below, then get a discussion going in the comments!

Are you using navigation gestures on One UI (Android Pie)?
  • Yes, all the time
  • Yes, but I also use standard navigation keys sometimes
  • Didn't know about the feature, but I'll use gestures from now on!
  • Never
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