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The Galaxy Note 10+ packs power, precision, and productivity into a large but manageable size. While its shiny new gradient backs beg to be shown off, this is an expensive phone with a glass back and front, so having a case is a non-negotiable requirement here. Cases are already available from some of our favorite brands, so rest assured you can protect your new powerhouse in style.

Ruggedly handsome

Ringke Fusion-X

Staff pick

Ringke's Fusion and Fusion-X cases prove that clear cases aren't all delicate snowflakes. The X model in particular has some robust bumper protection and a couple of fun color options, including a translucent camo option that looks fierce.

$13 at Amazon

Thin but grippy

Spigen Liquid Air Armor

This case is a hair thinner than Spigen's popular Rugged Armor while also sporting a grippier texture on its back, so you get a slimmer case that's easier to hang onto, which is the best of all worlds. If only it came in some fun colors, it'd be perfect.

$11 at Amazon

Texas tough

Armadillotek Vanguard Series

Take it from a Texan girl, we know how to build things tough because we're really hard on everything we own, and this case is no exception! With a dust flap to protect that USB-C port and a sturdy kickstand, this ain't Armadillotek's first rodeo.

$19 at Amazon

Officially luxurious

Samsung Leather Cover

Samsung's leather cases are certainly not its cheapest cases, but they are incredibly well made and our managing editor swears by them. They're available in Black, Silver, White, Tan, Red, and Blue, and while I like the color-matched Blue, the Red could be a fun contrast.

$55 at Samsung

Our favorite clear case

Spigen Liquid Crystal

Those gradients are so, so lovely on the Note 10+, and you don't have to hide them in order to protect your investment. This clear case is slim but grippy, allowing you to show off the Note 10+'s full beauty while still offering scratch and scuff protection.

$11 at Amazon

Let's kick it

ESR Metal Kickstand Case

Kickstands are awesome, and this clear case packs a shiny metal kickstand into its base so that you can show off your Note 10+ with ease and then use that 6.8-inch screen to stream your favorite Twitch channel.

$19 at Amazon

Sleek hybrid protection

Spigen Neo Hybrid

We've loved the Neo Hybrid for years here at Android Central, and the Herringbone texture is back for the Note 10 version! The color options here are a bit more reserved than past years, which I'm fine with since they still have Arctic Silver.

$15 at Amazon

Keep it in view

Samsung S-View Flip Cover

Control your music playback, respond to missed calls and messages without ever opening your S-View folio case up. This case series has been around for several generations of Notes and Galaxy S phones, and it's proven quite useful.

$50 at Samsung

Swanky and soft

Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet

The European nubuck leather for this wallet case feels absolutely fabulous in the hand, has three card slots plus a cash pocket, uses a magnetic clasp to keep things together, and comes in six refined colors that you can have your initials embossed on the front corner.

$38 at Snakehive

Accents that pop

Caseology Parallax

Life's too short for boring cases, so add some color to your life with the Parallax, which comes in Pink, Blue, Silver, Gold, and Black. I dig the contrast between the black textured TPU and the colored frames here. Protection is solid, too.

$13 at Amazon

Make it shiny!

Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter

The regular Liquid Crystal is cool and all, but if you want a clear case that's better at hiding smudges, scuffs, dust, and minor cracks, get yourself some Glitter. It's a tasteful amount of shine that's fun without going full-on Lisa Frank with the gradients.

$12 at Amazon

Classic style, creamy colors

Caseology Legion

This classic hybrid series from Caseology is great for using with phone grips and car mounts while keeping your phone safe even when it's going solo. Available in Black, Silver, Blue, and Purple, if you miss last year's Lilac offerings.

$13 at Amazon

Color-matched grip

Samsung Silicone Cover

The official Samsung Silicone Cover, available in Black, Silver, White, Pink, Red, and Blue, lets you keep that perfect Samsung shades while still upgrading your grip over the slick but oh-so-beautiful glass of your Note 10+.

$30 at Samsung

Fierce carbon fiber

Dahkoiz Shock Absorption Bumper Cover

If this design looks somewhat familiar, that's because it's one of the more popular TPU case styles on the market from the last few years. It's popular because it works, and it looks cool, and you can grab this one in svelte black or a deep indigo blue.

$8 at Amazon

Corner cushions

MoKo Ultra Hybrid

MoKo's clear cases are more bulky than our favorite Spigen Liquid Crystal, because they use a polycarbonate back rather than single-layer TPU, but this case also has bigger air cushions for ditzes like me that tend to drop their phones a lot.

$6 at Amazon

No matter your taste, your phone needs a case

I know, I know the Note 10+ is a beautiful slab of glass, aluminum and silicon, but please, please, please put a case on it. Even if you have insurance that'll replace your $1,100 phone if it breaks, your phone deserves to be protected from scuffs, scratches, shatters and your slippery, sweaty butterfingers.

You can even protect your phone while still showing it off, thanks to the Ringke Fusion-X and its rugged bumper and clear back. If you prefer a more robust level of protection — and productivity — the Armadillotek Vanguard Series is heavy duty protection with a kickstand that stays standing in vertical or horizontal mode.

The Note 10+ has just been officially announced, so the case market is limited at the moment, but we'll be sure to update this list when more options are available.

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