PSA: Go Download 'Super Hexagon' for Free While You Still Can


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
You've probably seen or heard that Super Hexagon [Free] by Terry Cavanagh is currently free as the App Store's App of the Week. Well, let this serve as a handy heads-up that if you haven't heard, or have been procrastinating on downloading it, that you have a limited amount of time to go and pick it up at this low, low price before it goes back to being paid. This might be sometime on Thursday, it might be on Wednesday, depending on when the switchover is.

The point is, you should go and download this right now, unless you want to pay money for it. Which is totally valid, but you've had 3 years to do that. Why not get it for free right now? It's not like Terry Cavanagh is going to hold a "take my money to download my game" sale, and this is an influential modern classic that's still a ton of fun, so seriously: go download it already!

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