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QuoVadis X, or QVX for short, is a completely new app from QuoVadis. Contrary to the usual tradition, where QV7 should actually be followed by QV8, we decided to take a different, new path this time. In 20 years of QuoVadis different products have been developed. In addition to the original QuoVadis, which has been continuously developed further, a version with a smaller range of functions was developed in cooperation with the tour driver easyROUTES, which is very easy to use thanks to a well thought-out user interface and is particularly aimed at beginners and occasional users.

Furthermore, the QuoVadis Mobile version for smartphones and tablets was developed, which has its strengths especially on the road. QVX now combines the experiences of these three lines in a new version that is both easy to use and powerful and stable with a wide range of features
Clear and simple layout
High performance and stability
Platform-independent kernel and map engine, therefore version for Windows and macOS available
Modern architecture as a basis for the next years and future operating systems
Route planning simple, fast and flexible
The new planning mode in QVX offers both simple and powerful route planning capabilities. Whether on the bike or on foot, by motorcycle or in the car, onroad or offroad - QVX always determines the perfect route. Waypoints and tracks can be created and edited just as easily. Height diagrams are determined online at the touch of a button and all adjustments to colours and styles of elements are immediately visible on the map.
Let's take a lap
Another new feature is the round tour planning mode, which is available in conjunction with the Graphhopper Routing package. Simply enter the desired route length and an approximate sky direction, and a particularly winding, fast or for cyclists and pedestrians optimized route is determined.


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