Randomly Generated Action Platformer 'Ultra Zultra' Gets New Trailer and is Looking for...


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
It was about thirteen months ago that we took our first look at Ultra Zultra, an action platformer with roguelike elements from Guatemalan developer Oscar Morales, aka Vidsneeze. Well, after a year filled with some development difficulties, Vidsneeze has reintroduced a slightly tweaked version of Ultra Zultra alongside a new trailer and a call for beta testers. While the scope of the game has been dialed back a bit, like multiple endings being axed, Ultra Zultra still looks like an incredibly fun platformer as you can see in the trailer below.

One of the coolest features of Ultra Zultra is how you can gain additional new abilities as you play and use those new abilities to take on an increasing number of obstacles and hazards. The game also boasts "tight controls" and in addition to virtual buttons it will also support MFi controllers. I love platformers of all shapes and sizes, and after having Ultra Zultra on my radar for more than a year I'm very happy to hear an update about its progress. As mentioned the developer is seeking some beta testers so if interested be sure to check out the thread in our forums. Also you can play the web version of Ultra Zultra right now to get a taste of what the mobile version will be like.

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