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Ricardo IGNITE 2018.1 (x64) | 1.55 Gb
IGNITE is a physics-based package developed for complete vehicle system modelling and simulation. It features comprehensive built-in automotive Modelica libraries. These enable users to quickly and accurately model conventional and highly complex vehicle system models including hybrid-electric, full electric and novel vehicles.

How it works
With faster than real-time simulation, IGNITE interfaces with design and optimisation tools and provides models for all phases of the development process. Users can simulate a wide range of applications including, but not limited to, vehicle performance, system specification, fuel economy, handling, driveability, thermal management and emissions prediction.
Models set up in IGNITE can also be exported to HEEDS for design of experiments (DOE) and optimisation studies.
Release highlights:
MECHANICAL SUITE 2018.1 - Design, analyse and optimise mechanical systems
This latest release delivers solver improvements in PISDYN, the piston design and analysis tool, which now runs up to 10 times faster, enables users to run more simulations in less time.
VALDYN, the valvetrain and drive systems design and analysis tool, has introduced a new swinging follower element to help users create models with various swinging follower geometry greater accuracy and reduced build time.
Key features:
Built-in, comprehensive vehicle modelling libraries including Ricardo's Powertrain, IMoved and Thermofluids products
Interface with Modelon libraries for detailed modelling of thermal and hydraulic subsystems including battery thermal management, air-conditioning and braking circuits
Exportable to HEEDS for DOE and optimisation studies
Modelica as a standard object-oriented modelling language
Intelligent RS Modelica Editor featuring syntax checking and correction suggestions to build user-owned custom library components
Powerful post-processing capabilities and animations using RPOST
Functional mock-up interface (FMI) support
Co-simulation with WAVE and WAVE RT and Matlab/Simulink
Faster than real-time simulation
System Requirements: Windows 7-8.1-10 64-bit
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