Samsung starts selling the 43-inch Frame TV


When Samsung first unveiled The Frame TV at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, it said that the TV would be available in 55-inch and 65-inch models. Samsung released The Frame TV globally several months ago and has received a good response from customers.

In order to make it more affordable for a lot of customers, Samsung announced in August that it would release a 43-inch version of The Frame TV. The 43-inch Frame TV is now available for purchase.

Samsung Frame TV

Samsung has designed this product to make it look more like a photo frame than a TV. The idea is to make it blend into the background and display artwork.

The company has really been pushing the art angle with this product. It has been holding launch events for The Frame TV at a museum or art gallery in different markets.

It’s a UHD TV with frame options ranging from Walnut, Oak and White. The TV also has an Art Mode that displays exclusive works of art like paintings. Customers get 100 pieces of preloaded artwork and they can buy more from Samsung’s Art Store.

Samsung’s 43-inch Frame TV is now available for purchase in the United States from various retailers. The company is selling this TV for $1,300.

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