Samsung will support seven new C-Lab startups


Samsung has announced that it will support seven startups created by its employees as part of its C-Lab program. We don’t know exactly how much money the firm has set aside for the startups, which range from everything from an AR/VR solution that can be used to remotely control smartphones to a portable air purifier, but it’ll certainly be enough to help them get started.

  • BlueFeel—A personal portable air purifier that doesn’t block the user’s mouth, developed as a response to users who dislike the discomfort of dust masks.
  • Defind—A smart shoe matching service that carries out a 3D scan of a customer’s foot to enable them to buy shoes that fit perfectly.
  • Hyperity—A VR/AR solution to remotely control smartphones and desktops through virtual screens without a physical monitor.
  • Linkface–A unique VR solution that can detect eye and facial muscle movement and let users directly control VR content.
  • Pixelro—A smartphone-based solution to provide a vision correction solution to presbyopia, replacing regular eyeglasses.
  • Soft Launch—A social media-based recommendation service for restaurants and stores aiming to combat fake reviews, and developed by employees from multiple Samsung affiliates.
  • 1Drop—An ultra low-cost blood glucose measurement solution using LED and the camera of a smartphone.
Samsung’s supported 32 C-Lab startups over the past two years

“We have provided the support to establish 32 C-Lab alumni startups over the past two years and based on our valuable past experience, we are planning to build up a more profound and actionable program to nurture employees’ ideas and launch new startups,” said Jaiil Lee, Vice President and Head of the Creativity & Innovation Center (CIC) at Samsung Electronics.

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