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SpeedTree for Unity Subscription 8.3.0 | 280.8 mb
IDV, Inc has released an update to SpeedTree 8 for Unity Subscription, compatible with Unity 2018.3 and later, SpeedTree 8 brings PBR materials, new tools, more natural geometry, export-only mode, plus a whole new library of trees.

In response to strong customer interest, IDV is offering a version of the SpeedTree Modeler for Unity. Featuring our unique, award-winning combination of procedural plus hand-modeling approach, SpeedTree is a design package powerful enough to meet virtually any vegetation modeling requirement, from architectural backgrounds to Academy Award-winning visual effects. Feature highlights:

- Scalable wind effects, including Wind Wizard
- Seamless LOD tuning
- Create unlimited variations with one click
- Branch seam blending
- Sub-division surface modeling
- Add collision primitives automatically or manually
- Modeling with mesh forces (e.g. grow trees around or through 3D meshes)
- Much more!

About Speedtree 8. IDV has released SpeedTree Cinema 8, the first update to its software for generating realistic animated trees for visual effects projects in almost four years.

The update introduces a full PBR material workflow, adds new wind dynamics options, improves export of the tree models generated, and a new library of 150 PBR-ready readymade tree models.
Realistic, art-directable animated CG trees, as seen in major movies.
Used in more than 100 feature films and broadcast series - including ILM's work on Kong: Skull Island - SpeedTree Cinema is geared towards creating trees for offline use. The software enables users to generate realistic, textured, art-directable trees using procedural controls, hand drawing, or a combination of the two. The trees can be rigged and animated automatically, with support for both wind and growth animation.
Materials: Support for a full PBR workflow
The headline change in SpeedTree Cinema 8 is support for a physically based materials workflow, including the option to edit PBR materials interactively and preview the results inside SpeedTree's Modeler window. PBR materials are also supported in the new SpeedTree Library: a separate paid-for library of 150 readymade trees that includes "thousands of surface-scanned PBR textures".
Modelling and animation: new procedural controls, new Art Director Tool, more realistic wind effects
There are also a range of new procedural controls, including new options for splitting or pruning branches; and generating "more interesting" geometry for trunks, and for gashes, knots and scars. In addition, a new leaf collision system automatically removes intersecting leaves when generating a tree. New manual modelling features include an overhauled mesh cutout system; and a new Art Director Tool, which promises "intuitive shaping" of a tree. The update also promises "major leaps in wind realism", including a new "rolling wind" effect. There is a also a new wizard for generating wind animations; and existing animations are "much easier" to tune.
Performance: leaf batching and faster ambient occlusion speed up preview rendering
Under the hood, performance has been improved by a new leaf batching system that makes leaf rendering inside Modeler "up to 1,000 times faster than version 7", helping to speed up iterative design. Computation of per-vertex AO has also been improved, although IDV doesn't put a figure on that one.
Export: UDIM support, better unwrapping and weighting of skinned models
The process of exporting the completed models to other DCC applications has also been "vastly improved". As well as exporting OBJ, FBX and Alembic files, SpeedTree comes with scripts for direct export to common DCC tools, including 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Clarisse, Maya and Houdini, plus most key renderers. Other improvements include support for the UDIM UV layout format used in tools like Mari; better mesh unwrapping; hierarchical exports; and better bone weighting for skinned meshes. In addition, exported meshes and animations now "run much faster and use far less memory".

About IDV, Inc. Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. (IDV) develops software products with a focus on both off-line and real-time 3D applications for the game development, visual simulation, engineering visualization, and animation industries. A privately held corporation, IDV was founded in 2000 in Columbia, South Carolina by Chris King and Michael Sechrest, both Computer Engineering program graduates of the University of South Carolina. After initially providing simulation and visualization software services for DOD programs, IDV gradually expanded by providing similar services to private sector clients and major defense contractors.

Product: SpeedTree for Unity
Version: 8.3.0 Subscription
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
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Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Compatibility: compatible with Unity 2018.3 or later.
Size: 280.8 mb

Download link:
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