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Squirrels Reflector
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Powerful wireless screen mirroring and media streaming software. Discover how easy it is to wirelessly share and record your favorite devices. No cables, adapters or confusing hardware. Present, teach or entertain from the palm of your hand.

AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast together
Add Reflector software to Mac, Windows or Android devices. Then receive mirroring and streaming connections from a number of popular phones, tablets and computers
- iPhone, iPad
- Android
- Mac
- Windows
- Chromebook
Reflector combines the powers of popular media streaming receivers like Apple TV, Chromecast and more to create a robust, all-in-one mirroring and streaming receiver.
Bye-bye cables
Reflector works wirelessly with the devices you use every day. Replace cables, adapters and other hardware with a single app. Pretty great, right?
Super-powered content sharing
The core technology that powers Reflector was completely rewritten for Reflector 4. It combines the latest tech advancements and years of development work to offer reliable, high-performance screen mirroring.
Multi-device screen mirroring
Connect any number and combination of devices to Reflector at the same time to create the ultimate collaborative content-sharing experience.
Record screens + voiceover audio
Record device screens and voiceover audio to create guided tutorials and presentations with commentary.

System Requirements
- Windows 10 or newer
- A local network connection between devices is required for device mirroring.
- A wireless 802.11ac or wired connection is highly recommended.


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