Steven Universe Save the Light Warping to PS4 This Year


While this news is not just for Steven Universe fans, it’s sure to get Steven Universe fans talking. Rebecca Sugar — creator of Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe, The New York Times bestselling author, Emmy-nominated writer/animator, beloved human — has co-created Save The Light, a new console game based on the global TV show phenomenon. It’s coming to PS4 this year.

Save the Light is a sequel to the mobile game Attack the Light from 2015 — both games developed by Grumpyface Studios and published by Cartoon Network. However, Save the Light was just too big a concept for mobile, pushing us to build a console-sized game for the sequel!

But what is Save the Light? What we can tell you is it’s a unique RPG that combines elements of real-time and turn-based combat. Players can customize their party using many of the characters from the show as they play through an original story co-written by the aforementioned Rebecca Sugar.

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And since Rebecca had a hand in making Save The Light, you know that surprises await fans… gamers… all of us. Grumpyface’s Chris Graham said this game is “bigger, deeper, and has more epic adventures designed for consoles” compared to Attack the Light.

What does he mean? I’ll let Chris explain: “This time around we’re featuring an updated battle system with fully customizable character selection, more emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving in 3D environments, and an all-new story from the brilliant Rebecca Sugar and her Steven Universe show team.

“Best of all: Save the Light has been designed to serve as an entry-point for players unfamiliar with Steven Universe, while also giving super-fans new surprises and insights into the show’s captivating world and lore.”

So what is this story? Glad you asked!

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Save The Light begins when a mysterious warrior arrives in Beach City and steals a powerful weapon, and then it’s up to the Crystal Gems to embark on the magical mission to end all magical missions. Steven and the Gems must travel far beyond Beach City, battle an army of creepy creatures, and stop a no-good Prism-snatcher in order to Save the Light!

Everyone involved with the game is super excited to show fans at PAX East a first look at Save the Light at Cartoon Network’s booth. Gamers, fans, and looky-loos can also see a special gallery of concept artwork and meet the Grumpy team (Yes, in person!). Chris Graham from Grumpy (same guy giving you the inside scoop above) will also be on Cartoon Network’s panel “Going Indie With Steven Universe & OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes” on Saturday (10:00 AM in the Dragonfly Theater). If you can get up that early and join the panel, attendees will receive a code for a free download of Attack the Light on iOS and Android (We are not above giveaways!).

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