'Stickman Cross Golf Battle' Gets First Official Trailer and is Looking for Beta Testers


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iPhone Gaming
Back in late August we posted about Stickman Golf Battle, the newest game from Djinnworks who have created an entire line of "Stickman" sports games. The idea was to take the player-versus-player focus of their previous game Stickman Skate Battle [Free] and apply it to a full-blown golfing game. Well, since that original announcement the game has been progressing rapidly, and it has even undergone a slight name change, as it's now known as Stickman Cross Golf Battle. While our original post featured some in-game footage of an early version of the game, with the official name now set and the game moving towards completion Djinnworks has created an official trailer for Stickman Cross Golf Battle, which you can check out just below.

Alongside this new trailer, Djinnworks is also ramping up towards a beta testing period, and they're looking for participants. If interested, you can fill out the sign-up form on the game's official website, or just shout about it in the game's forum thread. I'm a massive fan of golfing games, but I'll admit I was a bit let down by Stickman Skate Battle's emphasis on multiplayer competition. In that case, I just wanted a skating game to play for fun, not to compete in. With golf the competition angle is more appealing to me, though I do hope there's still a decent amount of single-player stuff to do in there too. At any rate it shouldn't be too much longer before Stickman Cross Golf Battle is ready for release, and we'll let you know when that time has come.

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