TappLock wants your fingerprint open its padlock instead of a key

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Nov 30, 2015
Tapp is currently seeking funds on Indiegogo to bring its fingerprint-enabled padlock, TappLock, to market. That's right, you unlock this with your fingerprint instead of a key, combo or smartphone. Constructed from 100 percent steel, it will be solid and ensure that your valuables are well protected. Should someone try and break the lock or cut it off, you'll receive a notification on your smartphone alerting you of the troubles.

Just a single charge of the TappLock can last for up to three years, and it will notify you as the battery gets low so you can remember to charge it. Being water resistant, you can use it to chain your bike to the fence, keep your luggage sealed, or anything else you may want to lock for any reason with a padlock.

Tapp will be offering two models, the TappLock Lite and TappLock. The difference is that the Lite does not double as a phone charger and comes in fewer color choices. You can back the TappLock lite for as little as $29, or the TappLock for $66. As of writing this, the campaign is more than 60 percent funded, with an anticipated shipping date of October or November 2016.

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