The best screen protectors for your Ticwatch E

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Nov 30, 2015
Screen protectors are a very useful accessory to have for your items — particularly watches. While you may not think they're always necessary, screen protectors can help your accessories from gaining scratches, water damage, and even drop damage That's why even if you deem yourself to be a careful person, you should at least consider investing in a screen protector as it will help extend your accessory's lifespan.

Easy installation

SuperShieldz Two Pack Screen Protector

This 2-pack of screen protectors from SuperShieldz is made from the highest quality glass and comes with bubble-free adhesives so you won't mess up your watch's screen. It's also scratch-resistant and is rainbow-effect proofed — meaning that your screen will be completely clear from damaging effects from light and hard surfaces. You'll also get a dust cloth, ideal for when you want to give it a clean.

$7 at Amazon

5-layer protection film

Lamshaw Ticwatch E Screen Protector

The Lamshaw Screen Protector comes with three AGC glass protectors, all three with full transparency to allow your watch to keep the same color as before. The glass itself comes with a 5-layer protection film, featuring a silicon adhesive and scratch-resistant layer to help protect your watch from scratches, as well as dirt and dust. Fortunately, these layers will have no effect on touchscreen accuracy. The screen protector is also simple to install but does come with an explanation in the packaging to help.

$7 at Amazon

Bubble free

Soarking Ticwatch E Screen Protector

Soarking's screen protectors are made of glass with a 9H hardness — which means they're rated to be harder than a knife. Their round edges allow simpler installation and a more comfortable, smooth feel to insert onto your watch. With a more smooth installation, there is less chance of bubbles. The 99.9% transparency of the glass also makes the screen protector virtually invisible, so the look of your watch will not change all that drastically.

$7 at Amazon

For both E and S

Orzero Ticwatch E Screen Protector

This 4-pack of Orzero screen protectors has been specifically designed for the Ticwatch E, as well as the Ticwatch S. If you and your family have one or the other, this will be ideal for sharing. Like the other protectors, it has a durable, hardy glass screen that prevents scratches from things such as keys, worktop surfaces, and more. The glass itself is thin so that the device doesn't feel any different to the touch, and as such, doesn't affect touchscreen accuracy in any way.

$7 at Amazon

Self-healing protection

IPG Ticwatch E Screen Protector

The IPG Ticwatch E screen protector is made of a thin, aerospace material that is designed to be tough against scratches, drop-damage and the like. What's more, the screen protector is also designed in such a way that it can heal scratches that are already embedded on your watch. This can be particularly useful for those who already possess a scratched watch, but want a protector that'll stop any further marking.

$8 at Amazon

Precise covering

Akwox Ticwatch E Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This 4-pack of glass screen protectors have been precisely laser-cut in order to include max body coverage of the Ticwatch E face. The installation of the screen comes with a liquid solution to allow adjustments as you install the screen, helpful to users who may struggle with placing the screen on the watch. The protector is 99.9% transparent, and thus won't affect the look of the watch, and also does not hinder the touchscreen accuracy of the watch in any way.

$6 at Amazon

Screen protectors can be easy to find, but it's hard to know which one will be both cheap, but of good quality. That's why we have to say that, with those standards, the Akwox Ticwatch E Tempered Glass Screen Protector has to be our favorite. Not only does it come with four glass protectors, but it is thoughtful to those who may struggle with installation, as well as having features that won't affect the Ticwatch's touchscreen accuracy.

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