The memory cards you need for the DJI Osmo Pocket

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Nov 30, 2015
You aren't going to get anywhere with your DJI Osmo Pocket without a microSD card. DJI recommends the Sandisk Extreme, but it's not the only great choice out there. Here are some other options that'll increase your storage.

Manufacturer recommended

Sandisk Extreme

You don't have to get it because DJI recommends it, but you should get it because it's a great microSD card. It's a U3 A2 class card with write speeds up to 90 MB/s and capacities up to 400GB. It's perfect for all that smooth 4K video you'll be capturing.

$19+ at Amazon

Outdoor moments

Moment micro SD

Available in sizes between 64GB and 256GB, the Moment microSD card is is a U3 A1 class card which makes it great for handling 4K video. What makes it stand out is that its water, shock. and temperature resistant, so it's the perfect choice for outdoor shooting.

$20+ at Amazon

Reliable and affordable

Samsung EVO Select

Samsung makes great memory products and the EVO Select microSD is affordable while still packing performance. It's a U3 class card with up to 90 MB/s write speeds for handling 4K video and capacities between 32GB and 256GB.

$8+ at Amazon

Speedy Gonzales

Lexar Professional 1000x

Not only does this microSD card from Lexar have super fast read speeds, top notch write speeds, and plenty of storage, it also includes a USB adapter to quickly transfer files to your computer. Performance and convenience.

$30+ at Amazon

Elite performance

PNY Elite-X

This microSD card from PNY is U3 class and perfect for using in drones and action cameras, as well as the Osmo Pocket. PNY includes a trial offer for recovery software as well to get back any lost memories should the worst happen.

$18+ at Amazon


Samsung EVO Plus

Samsung's EVO Plus packs up to 90MB/s write speeds for easy handling of 4K video, is water and temperature resistant and comes in capacities between 32GB and 256GB. What more could you ask for?

$11+ at Amazon

When shopping for a memory card for your DJI Osmo Pocket, speed is the biggest thing to look for. Without it, you won't be saving all that super-crispy 4K video. Whether you shoot for something like the Sandisk Extreme or Samsung EVO Plus, you're getting fast write speeds, reliability, and durability. You'll have everything you want for shooting with the Osmo Pocket.

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