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Nov 30, 2015
Whether you've got a 42mm or 46mm Galaxy Watch, your smartwatch deserves to be protected. Samsung's latest and greatest is hardy, but you're going to want something that is resistant to the basics: dirt, dust, scratches, and water. But you're also going to want something that doesn't change how the watch works, including features like the touchscreen face and how the watch looks.

Completely shatterproof

YiJYi Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Screen Protector

Specifically made for the Samsung Galaxy Watch, this screen protector is cut in a way that'll allow you full access to all the buttons on the device. It'll also not disturb touchscreen functionality. Furthermore, the screen protector doesn't just protect the face from damages like scratches either, but the sides as well — ideal for users who want their whole front protected, rather than just the screen. The TPU case is also shatterproof, helpful in case the watch is dropped on a hard surface.


SuperGuardz Samsung Galaxy Watch Screen Protector

Made from a thermoplastic polymer material, this screen protector is thin, but durable. The film of the screen will still allow HD clarity, due to it being 99.9% transparent — so your watch won't suffer in the looks department at all. It also comes with a natural feel, allowing you to still have flawless touchscreen accuracy. It also has multiple coatings, such as scratch resistance, anti-fingerproof and anti-bubble adhesives.

$6 (46mm) at Walmart $6 (42mm) at Walmart

Protects all of the screen

Diruite Samsung Galaxy Watch Screen Protector

With a 9H hardness, the Diruite screen protector will be resistant to scratches from objects like keys, a knife's blade and more. The screen also has 5 layers of different protective features, such as explosion-proof film, adhesive coating, and glass reinforcement. The screen protector is also useful against smudging from fingerprints, and is completely water resistant. The screen protector also has 99.9% clarity and remains sensitive to touch, allowing you to see your watch's display, as well as still being able to use its touch features.

$7 (46mm) at Amazon $7 (42mm) at Amazon

Have twice the protection

Supershieldz Samsung Galaxy Watch Screen Protector

This two pack of Supershieldz 42mm screen protector has a durable, hardness of 9H (harder than a knife's blade), and is completely rainbow-effect proof. This means that your Samsung Galaxy Watch's screen protector will not suffer from being affected by the light in any way, and its surface hardness means it is resistant against scratches and the like. It also maintains full touchscreen functionability, and its hydrophobic coating protects the screen from sweat and water.

$7 (42mm) at Amazon $7 (46mm) at Amazon

Dust and dirt resistant

Orzero Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Screen Protector

This Orzero screen protecter pack was specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm, coming with thin glass to give the look and feel of the original screen, as well as the screen being hard enough that it is completely scratch resistant and shatterproof. The round edges of the screen also increases comfort, and helps stop elements such as dust and dirt from getting underneat the screen of the watch.

$7 (46mm) at Amazon $7 (42mm) at Amazon

Bubble free!

Omoton Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy Watch Screen Protector

This 3-pack screen protector is made of tempered glass, is durable, scratch resistant and has an oleo phobic coating that prevents fingerprints and sweat from staining the screen protector and the watch's face. Furthermore, installation isn't a hassle as the screen protector is completely bubble-free, allowing you to see your watch's face with 100% clarity.

$7 (46mm) at Amazon $7 (42mm) at Amazon

The benefits of having a screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy watch cannot be overstated. It'll not only make your smartwatch look more sensible, thanks to zero scratches, but it'll also prolong it's lifespan. A prolonged lifespan means less time reaching into your pocket to buy a new one. With that in mind, the Supershieldz Samsung Galaxy Watch Screen Protectors is great due to its fair value, and how it doesn't sacrifice its quality in the process.

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