Things get weird when a neural net is trained on text adventure games


Joystiq News
Nov 13, 2015

We've seen people turn neural networks to almost everything from drafting pickup lines to a new Harry Potter chapter, but it turns out classic text adventure games may be one of the best fits for AI yet. This latest glimpse into what artificial intelligence can do was created by a neuroscience student named Nathan. Nathan trained GPT-2, a neural net designed to create predictive text, on classic PC text adventure games. Inspired by the Mind Game in Ender's Game, his goal was to create a game that would react to the player. Since he uploaded the resulting game to a Google Colab notebook, people like research scientist Janelle Shane have had fun seeing what a text adventure created by an AI looks like.

Via: AI Weirdness

Source: Quick, to the rat cave!, GPT-2 Text Adventure

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