tiny11 2023.11 (x64)


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tiny11 2023.11 (x64)
x64 | Language: English | File Size: 3.5 GB

The fastest and most optimized Windows 11. You can install it on older and unsupported devices.
While Windows 10 and Windows 11 aren't the most compact operating systems (minimum system requirements require at least 20GB of free disk space), modern versions of Windows are increasingly difficult to run on less powerful devices.
In this context, projects such as tiny10 and tiny11 come to the fore, providing lightweight and stripped-down versions of the OS for older computers that retain compatibility or key features.
Tiny11 is a majorly stripped-back, bare-bones version of Windows 11 Pro 22H2 that dramatically lowers the system requirements. The operating system needs just 8GB of disk space and 2GB of RAM, and it does not require TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and Secure Boot support.
Introducing Tiny11 on YouTube
Enable Windows Copilot on tiny11 2311
- Based on the latest Windows 11 release, version 23H2, it contains all the new features Microsoft introduced, including Copilot (this requires downloading Microsoft Edge via winget since there are no preinstalled browsers), native RAR support, the redesigned volume slider, RGB controls in the Settings app, and more.
- Compared to the previous tiny11 release, version 2311 is 20% smaller, allowing you to reclaim even more storage on your system drive.
- It is fully serviceable, which means you can download and install cumulative updates to keep your computer safe and receive future improvements.
- It is also worth noting that making a Windows image more than two times smaller than the original requires removing a log of components, including Xbox-related features. However, according to the developers, downloading an Xbox title from the Microsoft Store should restore removed gaming features. You can also add .NET 3.5 and additional languages if necessary.
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