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Basslane Pro is the definitive tool for controlling low-end stereo width and crafting impactful bass that translates across formats and playback systems. Basslane Pro combines transparent manipulation of stereo width with novel solutions to preserve musical content that would otherwise be lost when summed to mono. With uses far beyond mono'ing, Basslane Pro offers refined ways to enhance width, punch, and low-end richness.

The unique Stereo Harmonics feature allows you to inject upper bass harmonics to add definition and controlled low-end width without problematic stereo information in the subs. The easy-to-use multiband dynamics, powered by our acclaimed Unisum compressor, makes it effortless to tame unruly transients or enhance low-end punch and tightness.
Get deep and wide bass that translates on small speakers, vinyl, and club systemsFix phase and stereo issues in the low-end without compromising the stereo imageRecover anti-phase bass that would otherwise be lost when summed to monoAdd dimension and distinct spatial coloration with the unique Stereo HarmonicsAdd tight controlled bass boosts with the analog-inspired resonant highpass filter and low-end focussed peak limiterHarness Unisum-powered multiband dynamics for adaptive width control and beautiful low-end punch
Key Features
Perfect low-end stereo

A little stereo never hurt anyone, but it's essential to be mindful of phase issues and excessive width in the lows, especially with tracks for vinyl cuts or club playback. Basslane Pro offers continuous and precise reduction or expansion of stereo width in the lows/mids using high fidelity linear phase processing for an undistorted stereo image. On top of this, Basslane Pro adds novel solutions to preserve valuable musical content affected by width correction.
Mono bass without losing impact
Mono Recovery is a unique feature of Basslane Pro that allows you to preserve the anti-phase low-end that can typically occur with wide synth basses and highly processed tracks. When played back in mono, or when using other processors for monoing, these types of signals drop in level substantially or disappear altogether resulting in an obvious lack of low-end. Mono Recovery prevents this, allowing them to be blended back in to taste for bass that retains its impact, even in mono.
Add dimension with Stereo Harmonics
Basslane Pro introduces a new way to add width and character. While keeping the lowest frequencies in mono, Basslane Pro allows you to add upper harmonics based on the mono'ed low-end and pan those wide instead. The result is natural sounding stereo width that is musically tied to the bass, without problematic stereo in the subs. With flexible controls to adjust character and spread, Stereo Harmonics can be used to enrich bass so it translates on small speakers, to add subtle dimension, or for a distinct spatial coloration.
Unisum-powered dynamics
The Dynamics section in Basslane Pro features two multiband versions of our acclaimed Unisum Mastering Compressor, adapted to provide compression or expansion of just the frequency range you've defined. The Side mode makes it easy to tame overly dynamic side information or to add dynamic stereo expansion. The Stereo mode is fine-tuned to add punch and weight to the low-end. With a few basic controls it's remarkably simple to use, yet sounds beautiful and helps the low-end sit just right.
Variable width manipulation of low- or bandpassed frequency areasTransparent linear phase or zero latency modeMono Recovery feature to dynamically recover anti-phase signals that would otherwise be lost when summed to monoAdjustable curve-matched gain for filtered frequency rangeUnique Stereo Harmonics for adding upper bass harmonics based on the affected low-end with full control over stereo width3 different harmonic algorithms with control over mid/side mix, damping, and dynamicsDynamic width compression or expansion with a Unisum-powered multiband dynamics processor tailored for transient sensitive control of the side channelUnisum-powered dynamic EQ capable of either compression or expansion for gorgeous low-end punch and densityFlexible Pre/Post filtering of sub frequencies, including an analog inspired resonant highpass filter for a tight bass boostBass focussed output limiter to keep peaks in range5 band stereo balance and correlation metering with adjustable crossover frequenciesFlexible monitoring of delta, mid, side, and filter solo of both dry and wet signalsA/B preset switchingIntegrated reference level system to automatically adjust input level to match loaded presetsPresets by experienced artists and engineersVST3 (32/64 bit), AAX (64 bit)


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