Trimble Spectra Precision Survey Pro v6.1.1.19 (x64)


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Trimble Spectra Precision Survey Pro v6.1.1.19 (x64) | Size: 297.59 MB
Language: English

Field software Spectra Precision Survey Pro Software has a huge set of functions with which you can solve any surveying tasks. This software was developed in collaboration with experienced surveyors, each new version is built on practical experience. Survey Pro Software is powered by a proven line of Spectra Precision controllers for unparalleled integration, data integrity, efficiency and ease of use.

Survey Pro Software is offered in several different modules, so you can choose the one that's right for you. You save money by getting only the software you need for your work. If necessary, at any time it is possible to quickly and easily add new functions that you need. If your scope of work expands and you need more performance, you can add new additional modules to the software.

Survey Pro Software is installed on several types of controllers, as well as engineering and robotic total stations, so that you can get a single software for conducting any job. Survey Pro Software has a clear, intuitive menu with built-in help that you can quickly get used to and work clearly, easily and efficiently. Individual user settings will provide quick access to the list of necessary procedures. Work with field measurements will be carried out with maximum convenience, you will be surprised by the ease of editing and quick entry of notes. It will become much easier to eliminate errors in the work performed thanks to the display on the mini-map and automatic controls. Survey Pro Software has a huge set of COGO features, and surpasses other software in its capabilities.

Survey Pro Software works with all Spectra Precision and Nikon instruments, as well as many instruments from other manufacturers. Of course, if you own the full line of Spectra Precision and Nikon products, you'll find that integrating Survey Pro Software with these instruments gives you the extra power and flexibility you need to compete in today's world.

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