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Jun 8, 2019

Trimble Tekla Tedds 2019 SP2 With Engineering Library

File Size: 786 MiB

The Tekla product team has released an update to Tekla Tedds 2019 version 21.2.0, a software that enables structural engineers to automate repetitive civil and structural calculations. The release includes a number of significant new features together with several enhancements and issue resolutions.

Tekla Tedds 2019 Service Pack 2 Release notes:"

- Fixed Tedds for Word and the Tedds application when showing the progress log window to ensure that the window is always brought to the foreground.
- Fixed parsing errors related to Rich Text Format calc library items which have been edited using a word processor other than Microsoft Word.
- Updated use of Trimble identity in preparation for when servers switch to using TLS v1.2.
Tedds Application:
- Enhanced the Tedds application so that if calculating is cancelled by Interrupting during a Calculate Project command, a prompt is shown confirming whether the remaining documents should be calculated or not.
Writing Calculations:
- Enhanced the analysis solver to include new functions SolvSetElementRotated and SolvSetMemberRotated.
- Added new data list functions DataListGetPageNumColumns, DataListGetPageColumnName, DListGetColumnStrList and DListGetItemColumnValue for querying information relating to the column hierarchy information for the selected page and/or item.
- In a calculation user interface when a dialog is cancelled and Undo is enabled for the page don't execute the Page Deactivated event.
- Fixed label controls in calculation user interfaces causing the entire page to be refreshed when the image on a label changed and which sometimes resulted in DataView controls appearing blank.
- Enhanced DrawString to maintain the text orientation and alignment when any global transformations are applied.
- Enhanced DrawDimensionLine to maintain the text orientation and alignment when any global transformations are applied.
- Fixed SaveVerifySectionVarsCalcItem to ensure that strings are decoded when compared for equality so that strings with encoded characters pass Example Validation correctly.
Tedds Open API:
- Enhanced the TeddsAPITester application to allow the output to be saved to a PDF file.

Tekla Tedds Engineering Library July 2019 version 21.04:

- Column base plate design
- Added to output derivation of Ft,Rd
- RC beam analysis & design
- RC beam design
- Refactoring code for integration with other calculations.
- fixed the use of an incorrect lever arm when previous load has been removed in the design only calculation.
- Enhanced the calculation to include the option to select a user defined concrete strut angle in the shear checks.
- Fixed an error where preview results were sometimes incorrect.
- Fixed an error where the flanged details were not taken from the geometry section.
- Fixed an error where spacing checks were included when user defined reinforcement areas were selected.
- Fixed an error in the preview results with certain end cantilever configurations.
- RC pile cap design
- Fixed undefined variable error 'x_{p1}' when re-calculating a document where the pile locations have been manually modified.
- Corrected non standard user interface title.
- RC stair design
- Fixed version number not been displayed in the user interface title.
- Steel member fire resistance design
- Fixed calculation version not being displayed in the user interface title.
- Timber frame racking panel design
- Amended user interface to ensure calculation version is shown in window title.
- Truss wizard
- Truss creator
- Added variables for defining the member names, MemberNameTop, MemberNameBottom, MemberNameBottomLeft, MemberNameBottomRight, MemberNameLeft, MemberNameRight.
- Fixed Initializer items being run twice when material and design code are not defined.
- Modified creator so that input variables are not deleted when finished.

About Trimble Tekla Tedds 2019. Tekla Tedds is powerful software developed to meet the needs of the structural engineering workflow and designed to help you automate your repetitive structural calculations. Choose from one or more of our regularly updated calculation libraries or write your own, and create professional documentation every time. Combine your structural calculations with 2D frame analysis.

What's new in Tekla Tedds 2019 version 21.0.0:
This release offers even better integration with Tekla Structures, meaning more convenient design management for users of both Tekla products. Users can also now create even more professional BIM design documentation and use Tedds Calculations to create professional PDFs.

About Tekla Software by Trimble. Tekla software solutions for advanced BIM and structural engineering are produced by Trimble. Trimble's construction offering ranges from total stations to advanced software, giving the industry tools to transform planning, design, construction and operation of buildings. Tekla software is at the heart of the design and construction workflow, building on the free flow of information, constructible models and collaboration.

Product: Trimble Tekla Tedds
Version: 2019 SP2 (version 21.2.0) with Engineering Library
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: English
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 781.3 mb

System Requirements:
System requirements for effective operation

CPU: Multi core Intel i3 Series or above, Xeon or AMD equivalent
- Highest affordable performance recommended.
Memory: 2GB
- Memory requirements are dependant on document content.
OS: 32-bit or 64bit Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 / 8.1 / 10
- Operating systems must be running the latest service packs / updates.
- See Test Environments for full details of supported operating systems.
Graphics: 1920 x 1080 resolution
- 1GB or higher of dedicated RAM.
Disk space: 1GB or more of free space for installation.
- Operational disk space requirements are highly dependant on model content.
Internet connection: Required for access to Online Services and some documentation.
Microsoft Word: 32-bit or 64-bit of Microsoft Word 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019.
- Microsoft Word needs to be fully service packed.

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