'Twofold Inc.' from the Developer of 'Rymdkapsel' Launches in Late January


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
If you played Rymdkapsel [$3.99] by Grapefrukt, odds are you were ready and waiting for whatever the solo developer of the game was cooking up next. While it's been a whlie since Rymdkapsel, we heard about Twofold Inc., a new puzzle game from him. And well, we now know when it's going to release: January 28th, for $3.99.

While the entirety of the game will perhaps make more sense after playing it, we do know that the game features "never-ending levels" and no time limits, with gameplay centered around eliminating blocks from a board, though apparently in some way that should be unique. Many of these boasts wind up being overplayed, especially in the crowded puzzler genre, but considering how good Rymdkapsel is, this might just be something fresh. And if not, then it might still be fun. This is one to watch out for in the next couple of weeks.

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