Uber testing a new way to easily spot your driver


GSMArena News
In Seattle, Uber is testing a new way to spot your driver's vehicle. The ride sharing company has outfitted some drivers' vehicles with a colored bar called SPOT that illuminates different colors to let passengers easily identify their ride. The only ways to identify your ride right now is by model, color, and tag number. Some people may not know cars by models and sometimes there can coincidentally be two of the same model with the same color (a black Toyota Camry is quite popular in NYC). Source: Uber Newsroom The best way to tell apart your car is by squinting to read the plate number. This is not ideal though, as some states don't even have front plates so you would not be able to rely on the plate facing your way. A passenger can use the Uber app to choose a color to look for and he or she can also tap and hold the screen to wave to the driver and in exchange, the driver is more easily able to spot the passenger. Uber's plan for SPOT can help to avoid passengers trying to get into the wrong car and help trim down on time wasted calling the passenger because the passenger was unable to spot the driver. Source |...