Want to Endlessly Play Soccer? 'TV Sports Soccer' Is the Game for You


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
As an American who is just ever-so-slightly too old to have been a part of schools really pushing playing soccer, most of the game is a total mystery to me. Thankfully, Tasos is around to review the super-in depth soccer strategy games, but I never really got past the complications that got added to soccer games in recent years. However, I always really enjoyed the super old-school 16-bit and previous soccer games which focused more on just passing the ball down the field and scoring. Well, the recently released TV Sports Soccer [$2.99] is exactly that, a gloriously stripped-down game of soccer that endlessly has you scoring goals from field to field.

In the game, you pass or shoot the ball by tapping the right side of the screen, and move your active player around by dragging your thumb around the left side of the screen. Take a look at the trailer:

I like how mindless the whole thing is. You gain combo points by passing the ball around, and you really just charge down the field, pass a few times, score a goal, and then you're on to the next soccer field. It's basically the soccer equivalent of Touchdown Hero [Free], the endless football touch down-ing game, but with soccer and voxel graphics. TV Sports Soccer also doesn't have any kind of free to play shenanigans, a welcome change in a field of games which (typically) are filled with ads, premium currency, and other stuff.

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