Weekly Poll: How do you monitor the battery life on your phone?

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Android Central
Nov 30, 2015

Our phones have in many ways become an extension of ourselves, and we've all felt the ominous shivers when we're about to run out of battery when there is no charge cord to be found. There are plenty of ways to keep an eye on your battery life, whether it's limiting the apps you use, or keeping a tighter eye on your power usage.

So this week we're curious as to how you keep track of the battery life on your phone. Not everybody uses their phone at the same rate, and that means that no two people will use up their battery at quite the same rate. Whether you like to keep an eye on it all day long using a battery widget, or you ignore it until you get the ominous 15 percent remaining warning, we want to know.

You have four choices in our poll: "Just the battery icon," "Battery percentage displayed," "With a battery widget" and "I couldn't care less until I get a low power warning."

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Let us know how you keep an eye on the battery life in the comments below!

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