What do you want to see from the LG G5?

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Android Central
Android Central
Nov 30, 2015

Mobile World Congress cometh. And with it we're expecting a new flagship smartphone from from LG — in all likelihood it'll be called the LG G5. And that in and of itself is pretty exciting, given that the LG G4 was an excellent (though, yes, imperfect) smartphone. The display. The camera. The sleek lines. The removable battery and expandable storage. There was a whole lot to like.

And making things even more interesting was the late-2015 launch of the LG V10, bringing beefier construction, a manual mode for the video camera — and even more possibilities for what we might see in 2016.

So let's open the floor for questions. What is it you want to see in the LG G5? Should that manual video recording make its way to the G line? Will we really see some sort of crazy interchangeable modular thing? Or do we really just want to see better software? Sound off in the comments below!

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