What's so special about the Sony Xperia Z5?


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How do I know this? I got the Xperia Z5!
*Only phone in the world with a 23MP camera-Confirmed by web
*Latest smartphone which still has the camera button-Confirmed by web
*Fingerprint unlock is on the unlock button (much easier than Samsung's fingerprint system)-Confirmed by me
*Water+dust proof-Confirmed by me
*Doesn't break if dropped (unlike iPhones)-Confirmed by me
*Has a 'throw' option-Confirmed by me
*First phone in the UK to get Android Marshmallow on release-Confirmed by web
*Has a special feature called 'Stamina mode' which makes battery last longer when phone is locked/AFP-Confirmed by web
*Highly secured DDoS protection-Confirmed by me
*32GB Internal memory
*Qualcomm Snapdragon 810octa-core 64 bit processor-Confirmed by web
There are a few more but their the main parts
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