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File Size: 6.76 Gb | Windows 8.1 18in1 Dual-Boot OEM en-US April 2018
x86 / x64 | Home / Pro / Enterprise
Windows 8.1 (codenamed Blue) is a computer operating system released by Microsoft. First unveiled and released as a public beta in June 2013, it was released to manufacturing on August 27, 2013, and reached general availability on October 17, 2013, almost a year after the retail release of its predecessor. Windows 8.1 - Best of Work and Play. Bring all the aspects of your life together - create, play, discover, connect, and work.

• Get to it all from the new Start screen, even your familiar desktop
• Discover popular and unique apps in the Windows Store
• Personalize with more tile sizes, colors, & backgrounds
• Do more with side by side views of apps and sites
• Access photos & files virtually anywhere with SkyDrive built-in
• Search, browse, and share more securely and quickly

Windows 8.1 Enterprise - the most complete version, which solves all the needs of the user, includes all the features of Windows, including all that is part of the Home Premium and Enterprise, without the need to enter into a separate license agreement.

Windows 8.1 Professional version the professional level for small business; to use one PC at the office and at home, as well as for learning. Among other features, this version provides a connection to the company network through a domain (Domain Join), data protection through backup over the network, and encrypted file system, and print on your own printer at home or office using the route (Location Aware Printing).

Windows 8.1 Home (or Basic Edition) is intended for home users. This version includes the core features, but none of the business features. Basic Edition is great for those general consumers (mother, grandmother, father, step-uncle, far removed cousin).The main characteristics and features of Windows 8:Unified interface for Windows 8 tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. The main screen of Windows 8 looks the same on tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The new Metro interface is optional, this means that it can be disabled and replaced with a standard Windows desktop, familiar to us since the early 90s. the advantages of the same Metro that it is easy and convenient. Perfectly adapted to touchscreens. And the sense and simplicity of operation is comparable with the convenience of a conventional tablet. Metro does not restrict the user's ability and its component icons and the tiles can be static images, dynamic and constantly changing elements, which is convenient for a news or weather forecast. After all, the most important thing will be always displayed on the main screen. By the way, the appearance of the desktop Aero remained unchanged. For example, a color theme will now dynamically change and adapt to the tone of the current Wallpaper.

Intuitive navigation and tightly integrated application. You can change the location, color and size of tiles (the tiles that make up the Win8 Metro interface). But, don't worry. No matter how you changed the position of the tiles, the overall appearance of the interface will not change. Unlike applications for most smartphones, apps in Windows 8 more closely linked: for example, the built-in app photo album can directly transfer the photos to an independent app client Facebook.

Rethinking multitasking. Multitasking Windows 8 helps not only to keep the memory of your computer or tablet several apps, but also to exchange information between applications. Via the clipboard, only better! And multitasking Windows 8 allows you to display multiple apps on one screen of a smartphone or tablet. Users of Android and iOS is not a dream!

One Windows store for all devices. All apps for Windows 8 are created using open web standards like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, and is not sensitive to screen resolution. This means that the same app will look great on the huge screen plasma televisions, and on a tiny screen tablet or mobile phone.

Backward compatibility with Windows 7. All the apps that worked on Win7, will work on computers with Win8. And the desktop will be available via a tile on the home screen Win8. There also will be possible to place labels call any normal application.

Ribbons Ribbons in Windows Explorer. Microsoft continues to move the tape Ribbons, which first appeared in Office 2007 and replaced the usual set of icons. Ribbons Ribbons will now be integrated even in Windows Explorer. Users of the old school is unlikely to have to relearn most of them still used hotkeys and a contextual menu by a right mouse click. What's up to newcomers, to this interface will be easier to adapt. In addition, large icons on ribbons Ribbons are great for touch interfaces, because it is much easier to get a finger.

Assistant Copy Assistant in the task Manager the Task Manager. Finally something that we never expected. Recycled clipboard and task Manager, so, in Windows 8, you can copy multiple files with a given sequence, while visually tracking the speed and time to completion. That the Manager of processes, all processes in it now is colour-coded for visual readability.

Effective use USB 3.0 and work with ISO images out of the box. Windows 8 will help you to access the contents of ISO files without installing additional software like Daemon Tools, Alcohol 52% / 120% etc. or Also Windows 8 will offer integrated support for USB 3.0 without the need to install additional drivers.

Cloud service Windows-Sync via Live ID. The recently announced Windows 8 Cloud Connection will be presented in several roles: all apps, settings and personal information can be synchronized with Windows Live. Buy a new Windows device, login with your Live ID, and your usual working environment is automatically downloaded from the cloud service. Also it simplifies access to files on a remote computer to make a connection you will only need one browser.

"Red button" new Windows 8 or Windows 10 minutes. Windows 8 offers two key improvements in terms of security: Windows 8 Secure Boot prevents malware attacks, starting even before loading the OS. And the "red button" Reset Button will help to reinstall Windows 8 without actually reinstalling, restoring the OS to its original state just ten minutes. In addition to the "red button" Reset Button, which can be opened during the boot OS, you can also resort to the Refresh function, changing only the OS, and not affecting your personal files and installed applications. Among other features - support for UEFI instead of BIOS, full access to Xbox Live, three-dimensional interface, Wind, etc.RELEASE INFO
• File: W81.DUALBOOT.ENU.APR2018.iso
• Size: 6,76GB
• Format: Bootable ISO
• CRC32: 50fdfbda
• MD5 : c93a5d20e5b84266bb2594705103c62d
• SHA-1: 81d839855ecaeab43a6d16a11e9bf24b0ebea7f2

• 32bit: 6051550 & 6050710
• 64bit: 6051480 & 6054382

- Integrated / Pre-installed:
• NET Framework 3.5
• NET Framework 4.7.1
• Important & Security Only Updates - 2018-04-10
- Setupcomplete / Post-install:
• Windows Defender Updates


• Windows 8.1 Home - - - - STD / KMS / OEM
• Windows 8.1 Pro - - - - - -STD / KMS / OEM
• Windows 8.1 Enterprise - STD / KMS / OEM
• Windows 8.1 Home - - - - STD / KMS / OEM
• Windows 8.1 Pro - - - - - -STD / KMS / OEM
• Windows 8.1 Enterprise - STD / KMS / OEM

- STD = Standard installation
- KMS = Activated by KMS (Exclusions are pre-set in Defender)
- OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) will automatically activate original version installed by Manufacturer.

- Activator Potential False Positive Virus Alarm!

• UEFI-ready
• (Use attached Rufus USB-tool to make UEFI-bootable)
• install.wim compressed to recovery format (install.esd)
• Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset 10 (Microsoft DaRT)Screenshots


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