Windows 8 support killed


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Windows 8 has been around for well over three years now, but it might not be here much longer. The stage on which Metro design made its first debut, but it was also plagued by a lot of serious problems from the very start. Most who have encountered the OS agree that in an effort to work towards a touch-based future, Microsoft perhaps took things a bit too far - an approach that was detrimental to the classic desktop experience in many ways. Hence, the US giant was quick to address the issues with a much improved service pack, dubbed Windows 8.1 near the end of 2013 and not long after with the undoubtedly more streamlined Windows 10. Now, it appears, Microsoft is wasting no time in sweeping the original Windows 8 under the rug. A quick look in the online support database reveals that no more updates are planned for the OS after today. This is actually the first step toward killing off the version entirely, but if you happen to have the misfortune of still being stuck on Windows 8, there is plenty of time to remedy the situation and a lot of available options. Even though the flow of updates has stopped, mainstream support for Windows 8 will be carried out for another two years or so, up until January 2018. And if you bought the OS on some kind of extended support deal, the end date is way off in January 2023. During this time, you can simply update to Windows 8.1 or even to the latest Windows 10, while the free upgrade offer still stands. Interestingly enough, you can also opt to bump your PC down to Window 7, which due to its vast popularity is still in active support. However, we can't really imagine this will remain true for too long, nor is the downgrade process streamlined in any way so the older OS is probably the least favorable choice. Source |...