WWDC 2017: Apple Announces ARKit API for Augmented Reality Apps


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
During today’s WWDC keynote, Apple announced a new API Developer Kit for augmented reality apps. Dubbed ARKit, the API will allow developers to create augmented reality apps (and games!) with some pretty cool realistic built-in features.

During the stream, an updated Pokemon Go app was shown with realistic physics and greater awareness of the camera surroundings. Another demo showed live placing of virtual items on a real table, with ARKit able to detect surfaces. In addition, developer Wingnut AR came on stage to show a pretty awesome AR battle that took place with real-time rendering on a demonstration stage table.


ARKit has the potential to offer some pretty awesome games in the future and signals Apple’s interest in the augmented reality field in the general. Obviously, we'll be looking out for new information on any potential AR games that come out due to the new kit.

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