You can now use Samsung Pay at Target stores across the US


Feb 22, 2016
It will now be possible for customers in the United States to use Samsung Pay at Target stores across the country. The retail giant has announced that its stores will soon accept Samsung’s mobile payments service.

This will make it much more convenient for customers to pay for their purchases at checkout. Target has only just officially confirmed it now accepts Samsung Pay. However, given the nature of this service, it has already been possible to pay with Samsung Pay at Target stores.

It has always been possible to use Samsung Pay at Target stores

Some of you will be well aware that Samsung Pay supports something called Magnetic Secure Transmission. It’s a proprietary technology which enables conventional card machines to accept mobile payments. There’s NFC support as well for contactless terminals but Samsung Pay isn’t completely dependant on it. With MST, you can use Samsung Pay basically anywhere you can pay using a traditional plastic card.

You’ll find reports from countless Samsung Pay users online who have been making purchases at Target with this service. Target never adopted it officially like it has done with Apple Pay and Google Pay now. That wasn’t a barrier for users because MST enabled them to make payments anyway.

It’s official now, though. Customers can use Samsung Pay at Target stores by holding their Samsung smartphone or wearable device near the card reader at checkout. A beep will confirm that their payment has been processed and they’re good to go. It’s literally as simple as that.

Do keep in mind that not all banks in a country might support Samsung Pay. These banks are the ones that allow their customers to make payments with Samsung Pay in the United States.

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