You can now watch AfreecaTV broadcasts on your Samsung Smart TV


Samsung has announced that it’s teamed up with Korean streaming giant AfreecaTV to offer Smart TV owners the facility to watch real-time broadcasts of popular games, including Battleground and StarCraft. The only caveat? They’ll need to reside in Canada, Korea or the United States to access the application.

The firm also revealed that it’s launched two new Smart Hub applications: Gamefly and Steam Link. The former consists of more than one-hundred games, which can be played using a remote control or a smartphone, while the latter is a tool that enables Steam customers to play PC games on their Smart TV.

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There is, of course, a catch. Steam Link only supports streaming of Steam content from a PC to a Smart TV—so if a user doesn’t have a computer that’s capable of both running a game and streaming it to a monitor over Wi-Fi, they won’t be able to take advantage of the functionality.

“As Samsung’s Smart TV technology, and QLED TV lineup, continue to trail blaze the industry, Samsung will continue to push the boundaries of a TV to a comprehensive entertainment hub for enjoying and consuming various types of content,” explained the firm in a press release published on its Newsroom.

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