YouTube Kids overhauled with kid profiles, customizable interface

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A heap of new features to make YouTube Kids more enjoyable and safe for your young ones.

YouTube Kids launched in 2015 as a way for youngsters to watch all of their favorite content while filtering out the bad stuff, and the app is now receiving a fairly large update that makes the service more personalized and secure.

The biggest addition this time around is the ability to add multiple users/profiles to YouTube Kids. Now, each of your children can have their own custom profile so they'll only see the shows they want to watch and not what their brother or sister is interested in. Better yet, kid profiles will work across all platforms that YouTube Kids is available on – including your phone, tablet, and TV.

Along with kid profiles, the latest YouTube Kids update also includes a new feature that will tailor the look of the app depending on how old your child is. You can set the age of your kid when creating their profile to determine what the interface will look like for them, and with this new system, older kids will see more text and content at once whereas your younger ones will see larger images with less displayed at one time to keep things as simple as possible.

Kid profiles on YouTube Kids.

YouTube Kids is also gaining a reworked setup process that will make it easier to select what types of shows and content you're okay with your children viewing, as well as a passcode your kid can create for themselves so they've got some protection from their siblings. However, as you'd probably expect, parents can still override this if necessary.

All of these new features are rolling out to YouTube Kids starting today.

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