A little branding restraint goes a long way for HTC and Under Armour's HealthBox

Android Central

Android Central
Android Central
Nov 30, 2015

There's something quietly brilliant about HTC's name not being more prominent on the new fitness suite.

Something definitely stood out about the Under Armour HealthBox. Sure, it was the size and scope of the thing — a large, connected UA Scale, the UA Band for fitness tracking or the UA Heart Rate dedicated heart-rate sensor. Sure, it was the price — $400. That's not an insignificant sum. It's not even the color or design — if you had any doubt that this is an HTC-produced product, the stark (and nearly blood) red box might have tipped you off.

No, despite all those conspicuous items, what really stands out about the UA HealthBox — "Designed and manufactured by HTC and powered by UA Record" — is restraint.

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